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Yesterday (19th February 2017), Tom took part in a press conference at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, as part of promotion for Kong: Skull Island. His co-star, Brie Larson, also attended the press conference.

I am unsure as to whether any videos shall be released, but if so this post shall be updated with the video, and screencaps.

Big thanks to the admin of Loving Emma Watson who kindly donated the first batch of images. I shall hopefully be updating with more in the coming days. View the images in the gallery using the link below:

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In relation to Skull Island, a 10th TV spot has been released, which you can view below:

Although Tom is currently promoting Kong: Skull Island, he has spoken in different interviews about the upcoming Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok, in which once again Tom shall be playing Loki. In one interview he describes where Ragnarok will pick up and working with Taika Waititi.

Below is the video to watch, and also a link to view screencaps made in the gallery. Please credit is sharing elsewhere!


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While on set of Kong: Skull Island, Tom took the time to do interviews as part of the promotion tour. In the interview below, he speaks about the iconic character of King Kong, his own role as Captain James Conrad and also the overall story arc of the movie. I have also screencapped the video, of which you can find the link below to view them.


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For those, including me, intrigued in seeing a behind the scenes look of Kong: Skull Island being filmed, a video containing the b-roll footage has been released. Although it is also titled as bloopers, it is not so much funny outtakes as it is about the filming of the movie. It can be watched below, and screencaps have also been added to the gallery.


Home > Movies > Kong: Skull Island > B Roll Bloopers Footage

I have also added new HQ and UHQ stills to the gallery – including an update of one previously added still. These can be found using the link below:


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Yesterday, along with other cast members, Tom took part in a live chat on Twitter. Although he didn’t answer many questions, he did take the time to answer a few fan enquiries. Included was his thoughts on working in the 70’s setting of the movie as well as advice for up and coming actors.

Screencaps have also been added to the gallery, which can be viewed using the link below:


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Tom appeared last night on the 18th episode of Graham Norton season 20, and also sat on the couch alongside Ruth Wilson, Ricky Gervais, Daniel Radcliffe, Joshua McGuire and musical guest Tinie Tempah. Tom spoke about his new movie Kong: Skull Island as well as his early role in a Channel 5 show, Surburban Shootout alongside Ruth herself. For screencaps of that show, check out our section.

I have added over 600 screencaps to the gallery, that can be viewed using the link below. If using elsewhere please credit the site, thank you!


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I came across this promotional stills that I hadn’t added to the gallery before now, so you can find them using the link posted below.


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As part of a live chat being hosted with Tom, a promotional image was used on the Kong Skull Island Twitter account. This has also been added to the gallery.


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The promotion for Kong:Skull Island is slowly beginning to pick up pace, which means on sets videos, trailers and interviews are beginning to be posted. Today a video was posted via ET showing a glimpse of new scenes, as well as on set interviews with Tom and Brie Larson.

A second video titled ‘IMAX Presents Kong: Skull Island’ also consists of scenes of the movie, as well as interviews with the entire cast.

I have screencaps of the videos to the gallery, which you can find following the links below:


Home > Interviews > 2017 > IMAX Presents Kong: Skull Island


Home > Interviews > 2017 > ET | On Set Video with Tom and Brie

A brief 20 second clip has been released of Tom’s upcoming movie, Kong: Skull Island. If this is the amount of exciting material in a few seconds, then we are definitely in for a thrilling ride!

A Spanish TV spot was also released, however it essentially contains content seen previously in other TV spots and trailers.

Check out screencaps of the clip added to the gallery:


Home > Movies > Kong:Skull Island > TV Spots > Kong Vs Skin Crawler Clip


Tom shall be making his third appearance on The Graham Norton Show this Friday (17th February 2017), alongside actors Ruth Wilson, Ricky Gervais, Daniel Radcliffe, Joshua McGuire and musical guest Tinie Tempah.

I have added 7 HQ shots of Tom on the coach, and judging by the reaction of those who attended the show, on Twitter, it shall be a good one! Thank you to  for donating the images.

Keep a lookout on the site or screencaps to come tomorrow!

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