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Below is a collection of Tweets, Snapchats and Instagram posts that were taken off Tom while he attended the BAFTA Tea Party last night. I have also added more HQ images to the gallery, with more to come!

The images featured in the posts are also added to the gallery, and under the read more are other posts to read.

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On Instagram, with a cute group photo including Tom, Chris Hardwick revealed the Nerdist Podcast will be posted on Monday:


Below is a masterpost of videos of Tom and his Crimson Peak cast members at Comic Con yesterday. I have included the full panel, as well as various interviews and fan videos. Although a few interviews have been released, considering the Twitter pictures taken of the press line, there are likely to be more. Most videos will be placed under the cut and I shall also be adding more HQ images of the press line, panel and also the nerdist podcast, which you can also watch clips of below.

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I have put together a collection of tweets made during the panel of Crimson Peak and Comic Con:

I have also done the same for various tweets of Tom arriving and fan pictures that were taken. This can be found below the cut. I shall be creating a masterpost of videos from the panel, fan videos and interview in a separate post.

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Check out this picture of Tom with the producer, Rob Bullock while on the set of The Night Manager:

Hugging it out on the set. With the best producer @robbullock1969 and the best Jonathan pine!!!

A photo posted by Kristin Jones (@kikibeach) on

I’m not sure when or where exactly this picture was taken but how amazing these fans met Tom!

you're the fiezel to my tom @winchesters.and.co

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The official BAFTA’s Instagram posted these pictures of Tom backstage posing for a photo and signing a banner:

Tom Hiddleston backstage at the #EEBAFTAs on Sunday night #TomHiddleston #BAFTA #BAFTAs #Film

A photo posted by BAFTA (@bafta) on

Numerous pictures have been posted via social networks of Tom filming on set and pictures that he has graciously taken with fans and co cast members. Check them out below:


A fan was lucky enough to spot Tom filming I Saw the Light and posted this collage on Instagram!

We finally have a shot of Tom in full costume as Hank Williams! From someone who works on set, they posted an image of Tom in his White costume, while rocking a guitar. The excitement is fairly starting to build! You can view the image in our gallery, following the link below, with the source also listed:


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